Ayam Brand™ or Ayam™, one of the oldest brands in Asia. Founded in 1892.


Ayam Brand™ is well known for its canned sardines. In addition, there are more100items include mackerel, tuna, vegetable products (baked beans, mushrooms, sauerkraut, etc.), vermicelli (instant noodles, rice vermicelli, noodles, etc.) and cooking ingredients such as coconut milk, Asian sauce and curry paste. Every year, Ayam Brand™ produces more 60 million cans, with more than 30 country in 4 continent.


The Ayam Brand™ was initiated by a French man, Alfred Clouët in the year 1892 in Singapore, the company started out as a supplier of food and building materials to Europeans in the country. Later, A. Clouët noticed the innovation and exclusivity of canned sardines, therefore started doing business. This decision is a testament to its genius because the products are popular and market quickly. Learn more about Ayam Brand™ Background.


At Ayam Brand™, 5 factories in Malaysia, every aspect of production is undertaken with professionalism and care. Manpower is coupled with state of the heart technologies to guarantee freshness without the use of preservatives. Every can and product has gone through the proper quality control process. It's not only quality in the taste, but also quality in terms of health and convenience.


Ayam Brand™ products have no preservatives, no added transfat or added MSG. Research & Development was what allowed the brand to be one of the first to introduce can food to Malaysia and it continues to help the company stay ahead of the curve and innovate. Learn more on Ayam Brand™ Quality.


Since the 1960s, the brand's reputation has grown considerably outside of Asia. The company now markets its products to Australia, New Zealand, France, the UK, the USA but also Canada.

Ayam Brand™ excels in its quality products and commitment to making Asian cuisine accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to making healthy delicious products, free of allergens, preservatives and artificial colours - just real food of the highest quality.


Ayam Brand™ helps you create memorable meals with ease, now and for generations to come.