Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 230g
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White Kidney Beans in Tomato Sauce 230g Imported White Kidney Beans, Large Seeds, Soft Texture, Great Northern Varieties* Rich Tomato Sauce** Size 230g – for 1 - 2 servings * White Kidney Beans are rich in fiber and are considered a staple food. low in fat high fiber foods Will help to maintain a healthy digestive system. And help to protect ...Read More
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Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 230g

  • Big and tender imported Great Northen Beans*
  • Rich Tomato Sauce**
  • Size 230 g – for 1 - 2 serve


* Baked beans are rich in fiber and considered a low-fat food. high fiber foods Will help to maintain a healthy digestive system. and helps to prevent cholesterol.

** Ketchup contains lycopene, the strongest antioxidant. Helps reduce and resist aging at the cellular level and helps to control blood pressure.



Great Northern White Beans 50%, tomato sauce 50% (water, sugar, tomato concentrate, thickener (INS 1422), Non-iodized Salt, Rice Vinegar, Cinnamon).

nutrition information

One serving: ½can ( 107g)

Number of servings per can: Approx. 2

Nutritional value per serving

total power 70 kilocalories (energy from fat 0 kcal)


Percentage of recommended daily intake

total fat

0 g


  saturated fat

0 g



0 mg



3 g


total carbohydrates

less 15 g


  dietary fiber

4 g



5 g



340 mg


Good Source of Fiber

Beans provide the fibre missing in our diet. They are a low in fat food and ideal for weight management.

Standards and Certifications

Food Safety

Baked Beans Ayam Brand™ are produced under the HACCP food standard and ISO 9001: 2008.

Halal Food Certification

Baked Beans Ayam Brand™ Certified Halal Food Standard by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Malaysia.


When most of the world uses the small navy beans, Ayam Brand™ selects only the top variety of big beans: the great northern beans. Imported directly from USA, Ayam Brand™ sources only the best grade.

Worth Knowing

The Ayam Brand™ takes strict measures to be no preservatives, no MSG and trans fat free in every product.

Learn more about baked beans.

The technology behind canned food works like a vacuum in space.

A vacuum is created using heat. The cans are then tightly sealed. to enter the sterilization process This means cooking and sterilizing the inside of the can at high pressure.

Just like in space the lack of air results in living things. Food spoilage (germs causing spoilage) cannot survive. So food can last for years without preservatives. or any chemicals.

Canned food is not the only safest way to preserve food. It is also regarded by scientists as the best way to protect most nutrients. especially nutrients that are sensitive to oxidation reactions in the air such as vitamins or omega-3.

The Ayam Brand™ guarantees that all of our canned food contains no preservatives, MSG and genetically modified.

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