Coconut Milk 250ml
Coconut milk 250 ml. 100% natural ingredients. Contains coconut water. Has a lid that opens and closes easily No Preservatives, No Color, and No Smell Size 250 ml. Ayam™ coconut milk contains only 100 types of 3% natural ingredients: coconut milk, coconut water and plant guar gum. To enhance and enhance the flavor of ...Read More
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Coconut Milk 250ml

  • Natural raw materials 100%
  • Contains coconut water
  • Has a lid that opens and closes easily
  • No Preservatives, No Color and No Smell.
  • Size 250ml


Ayam Brand™ coconut milk contains natural ingredients. 100% just 3 types include coconut milk, coconut water and plant-based guar gum. To add and enhance the taste of coconut milk even better. So we mix coconut water in coconut milk instead of water. to have a sweet taste and has a natural fragrance.

Ayam Brand™ coconut milk is ideal for intensifying the texture. Bring the real coconut milk flavor to your menu such as pastries, curries, sauces, soups or even desserts. and drinks! Suitable for people with lactose intolerance Can be used instead of fresh cream or double cream.

* Coconut milk is a natural food that helps fight bacteria and viruses. Fatty acids in coconut fat than 66% is lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), has no negative effects and effects on cholesterol levels. Reduces the risk of heart disease This is mainly due to the MCFA in coconut oil that makes it very special and useful.



elite 57%, coconut water 42%, stabilizers (INS 412).

nutrition information

One serving: can (80 ml.)

Number of servings per can: Approx. 3

Nutritional value per serving

total power 140 kilocalories (energy from fat 120 kcal)


Percentage of recommended daily intake

total fat

13 g


  saturated fat

12 g



0 mg



1 g


total carbohydrates

4 g


  dietary fiber

0 g



1 g



20 mg


Good Fat

Saturated Fat in Coconut There is nothing scary.

Coconut milk is a healthy food. When consumed in moderation.

Coconut fat is MCT (Medium Chain Fatty Acid) which is easy to metabolize in the body.

Coconut is one of the foods that contain the most lauric acid. Helps fight viruses and bacteria.

Standards and Certifications

Food Safety

Ayam Brand™ coconut milk is produced under the HACCP food standard and ISO 9001: 2008.

Halal Food Certification

Ayam Brand™ coconut milk is certified by Halal food standards. by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Malaysia.

Not Diluted

Many brands offer products that are too diluted.

If the amount of fat is not enough coconut milk loses its flavor and flavor. including loss of binder It doesn't just make your sauce more intense. But it also gives a nice texture.

Ayam Brand™ coconut milk, made from nature 100% without adding water or bleach or emulsifier.

Worth Knowing

The Ayam Brand™ takes strict measures to be no preservatives, no MSG and trans fat free in every product.

Green Resources

It's good to know that the Ayam Brand™ coconut milk factory uses coconut shells as the fuel in the kilns. to save energy from coal It's the recycling of waste. So all coconuts are used to the fullest.

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