How to store kitchen knives

1. Knives block
A very common way of storing kitchen knives. They come in wooden, steel or plastic case with slots to insert knife blades. The downside to this method is that it is can be hard to the inside of the block.

To clean knife block: Remove the knives and turn the block upside down to shake out the debris or crumbs collected inside. Wash the block in a soapy water and use a small brush to clean the slots. Dry it upside down on a clean surface. Make sure the slots are fully dried before you use it to avoid molds from forming.

2. Magnetic knife bars
A new way to store knives is a magnetic knife bars. This powerful strip of magnet is fastened on the wall and hold knife through magnetic force. It is easy to clean, require little counter space and safe as it is usually not within children’s reach.

3. Knife in-drawer block
These are kitchen drawers with designated knife blades slots. It helps free up counter space and keep knives out of sight from children.

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