Grocery Shopping without contamination


1. Start with non-refrigerated products and end with frozen food
Always start by filling your trolley with the products that are not kept in the fridge e.g canned food, household products, cereals, pasta, drinks

2. Do not place meat or fish on top of vegetables
Never place packages containing raw meat or fish on top of vegetables. You want to avoid juices from animal products from spilling on the vegetables.

3. Store meat product at a separate compartment
Supermarket trolleys normally have a small compartment right at the front. Use it exclusively for raw meat and seafood. You can also separate meat and seafood in a bag.

4. Carry an insulated bag
Carry insulated bags to store deep frozen food. Especially the journey home after grocery shopping would be long, keeping deep frozen food in an insulated bag will prevent it from thawing.

5. Check labels
Always check products labels on perishable items and refrigerated food. Choose products with the longest used by dates.

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